Throughout 60 years of operation, Security Finance has been an active contributor to the many communities in which we are located.  Equally important is that the communities make us what we are.    We like to say we are part of "Main Street" because the majority of early offices were located along the main streets of the downtown areas, where they were convenient for customers.  We rented from local landlords, hired and trained local people to be our workforce, and purchased locally.    As times have changed and the use of an automobile is more prevalent, we have many offices now located near shopping centers or major roadways.    Regardless of our location, Security Finance feels it is important to maintain brick and mortar branch offices so that we can give personal service and be part of the community.  Developing a mutually beneficial business relation is an important part of who we are.


Over the years, our founder, Jesse L. Bridges, supported various local charities, and this philosophy of philanthropy was continued after his death.   This fundamental belief in "giving back” to our communities is incorporated into our Mission and Value Statement.  In 1995, Security's Lending Hand Foundation was formed as a long term strategy for charitable giving.  Initially, all branches were allowed to choose a local charity.    The volume of due diligence required to vet each charity soon proved to make this impractical.  Starting in 1998, charitable organizations with national presence in each state were vetted and chosen as the main recipients of ongoing contributions.  The Children's Miracle Network and the American Red Cross are the two primary recipients because they have a presence which helps both our customers and employees in times of need.    Mobile Meals, various local food banks, and educational institutions have also been recipients of contributions.


In addition to contributions made though the Foundation, donations of business equipment, when available, are also made to various charities.  Corporate office personnel enthusiastically challenge each other and contribute both their time and money to support charities such as the March of Dimes and several local food banks.    State leaders, too, are involved with local food drives as they try to give back to the communities in which they live and operate.


We like to say “You Make the Difference", and we think our well trained and committed workforce does just that.  Helping the people within a community with their financial needs, spending payroll dollars locally, and contributing to the success of the Company and its Foundation does affect each community in a positive way.

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